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An Essential Guide to Pave Diamond Pendants and Charms!

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That is because they can make any appearance sparkle. Diamonds never go out of style and with pave diamonds, they take you to the whole next level with their minimalistic yet elegant looks. 

Pave diamonds, pronounced as ‘pah-vay’, is a French word which is used for the style in which the jewels are set. In pave diamonds, the jewels are clustered very closely together due to which they give an appearance of a shiny and shimmering pavement. They might look expensive than other diamonds, but relatively are cheaper since smaller stones are used to create the paved effect. 

Unlike other diamond jewelry, pave diamonds are comparatively small and can be worn on any occasion and thus are called timeless classics. The shine you get from the unique pave setting of smaller carat diamonds makes them the best choice for people who are looking for affordable yet finer pieces of diamond jewelry. In pave diamond jewelry, the diamonds are carefully cut and placed to create a surface fully covered in sparkling stones. The results are beautiful pieces of jewelry with high quality. 

Like any other diamond jewelry, you can mix and match your pave diamond jewelry pieces with other metals and colored gemstones which makes them shine even brighter. In fact, you can use pave diamond pendants wholesale with gold or silver jewelry. The most popular precious metal in pave style in rings is white gold or platinum. You can mix and match your jewelry to highlight the sparkle of pave diamonds. 

Pave diamond pendants are small pieces of jewelry that can be attached to an anklet, necklace or a bracelet chain. In a diamond pendant, there are a variety of setting styles such as, bezel, prong and pave. In pave diamond pendants, the smaller carat diamonds are clustered together to give a sparkling effect. Pave diamond pendants create statement pieces which can be worn on any occasion to give you a contemporary yet classy look. You can shop for wholesale pave diamond pendants at Tucson beads as they are not just affordable but have the best collection of pave diamond jewelry.

Pave diamond charms are unique and small pieces of jewelry that are used with anklets or bracelets. Once used as children's jewelry, the pave diamond charms are getting adult attention these days as they deserve. If you want to have a pave diamond charms wholesale, head over to Tucson Beads where you’ll find a variety of pave diamond charms at wholesale price. 

There is no extra or additional care that you have to do with pave diamonds in spite of its delicate setting. They are quite low maintenance.  Avoid contact with harsh chemicals or perfumes. Take them off while in the shower. And gently wipe with soft cloth to clean them.

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