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Everything you need to know about Pave Diamond Jewelry!

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Pave diamond jewelry has become increasingly popular these days as it has become a top choice among various jewelry styles and settings. Pave diamond jewelry is the jewelry style which features multiple tiny diamonds, set close together to form a sparkling surface. Pave diamond jewelry creates statement pieces which can be worn anytime and anywhere. 

Pave diamond Lobster Clasp

In Pave diamond jewelry, the small diamonds are tied together in the form of pave diamond lobster, pave diamond rings, pave diamond earring and pave diamond necklace. Pave diamond lobster clasp works as a hook for the necklace. They can be used with the rings as well. Pave diamond lobster clasp has its own shine. At New York gem Co, we deal in pave diamond jewelry wholesale ranging from pave diamond rings and earrings to pave diamond lobster and much more. We are experts in pave diamond design. 

Pave diamond Earrings

Pave diamond earrings are one of the trendiest jewelry pieces. Pave diamond earrings are timeless classics and can never go wrong. They can be teamed up with any outfit or any other kind of jewelry to create a minimalistic yet elegant look. The different types of pave diamond earrings used are stud earrings, drop earrings, hoop earrings, diamond heart earrings such as rose cut earrings or cluster earrings. You can shop for various pave diamond earrings at New York Gem Co where you’ll find a wide collection of beautiful designs in such earrings.

Pave diamond Rings

Pave diamond rings are made from smaller diamond pieces which are set inside smaller holes that are drilled within the band. The small stones that are encrusted along the surface of the ring make it look like a diamond band instead of the metal surface. There are different styles of pave settings for pave diamond rings such as Micro pave, french pave, U Cut pave, bright cut pave, bezel pave etc. Pave diamond rings have continuous shine and give the illusion of more bigger and brighter diamonds than they actually are. Pave diamond rings can be worn any day as modern or vintage engagement rings too.

Pave diamond Necklace

Pave diamond necklace has been in demand these days and is loved by every age group over the world. It gives a minimalistic yet subtle and elegant look to your attire. Whatever be your taste, there is a pave diamond necklace for you. The different types of pave diamond necklaces available at New York gem Co are solitaire diamond necklaces, Prong setting necklaces, double ball diamond necklaces and much more.

If you are one of those who is looking for a one stop solution for all your pave diamond jewelry wholesale requirements, you are at the right place. You should head over to New York Gem Co to have a look at their mesmerizing collection of pave diamond jewelry.

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